Technology Trends to Watch

Technology is always changing. Certain trends are slowed down while others gain momentum when large brands invest in them or industries integrate them into their processes. The pace of technological innovation is accelerating and it’s important that companies keep current with the latest trends to profit from the benefits and not be left behind.

Artificial intelligence is among the most popular technology trends. It is used in a variety of business applications, including image and voice recognition, smart assistants and navigation apps. This trend is expected to see a greater adoption in the near future as hardware and programming improvements allow it to be more easily accessible and affordable to implement.

The next tech trend to be watched is blockchains and distributed ledgers. This highly secure method of storing and authenticating information could change the way businesses conduct business. The healthcare industry for instance, is accepting it due to the potential for it to facilitate reliable transactions.

Biotechnology is a third area that is ripe for disruption. It is powered by AI as well as automation and DNA sequencing. Genetic therapies, hyperpersonalized medicine and genetically-based guidance on food and exercise are all possible. Companies must assess their bQ, also known as the biological quotient and decide if they need online data protection to incorporate these new technologies into existing R&D or partner with science-based start-ups.

Drones and unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAV) is another trend you should be aware of. These devices let businesses collect information and data from remote areas or those that are not accessible as well as reduce downtime and cost.

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